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World Brand Congress, Mumbai

Keynote Presentation

Panjab University

Guest Lecture

Moodleposium, ADFA Canberra

Keynote Presentation

Invited Presentations

Salter, G. (2019) Creating Engaging Lessons, Australian National University (ANU), Canberra

Salter, G. (2018) Creating Engaging Lessons, RAAF Training, Wagga Wagga

Salter, G. (2016) Social Media and Entrepreneurship, Panjab Technical University, SRM University & Hindustan University, India.

Salter, G. (2016) Creating Engaging Presentations, Panjab University, India.

Salter, G. (2015) The Future of Assessment, Moodleposium, Canberra Institute of Technology. Available at http://www.slideshare.net/gsalter/the-future-of-assessment-moodleposium-2015

Salter, G. (2015) Blended Learning in Higher Education, St Xaviers College, Mumbai

Salter, G. (2012). Cross-Platform App Development – Going Native the Easy Way. MobiLearnAsia, Singapore.

Salter, G. (2005). The use of problem-based learning in medical education, Health Informatics Research Group, UWS.


Salter, G. (2005). Maximising web traffic and sales for SMEs, AeIMS Research Group, UWS.


Salter, G. (2004). Problem-Based Learning at the Republic Polytechnic in Singapore, Re-learn Research Group, UWS.


Salter, G. (2004). A Constructivist Approach to Online Learning: Encouraging Pedagogical Re-engineering. Post-doctoral seminar, Charles Darwin University.


Salter, G. (2000). Workshop on Web Based Environments for Delivery of Education, University of Columbo, Sri Lanka. 

Salter, G. (1996). Technology in Teaching, Presentation for Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Western Sydney.


Salter, G. (1996). Analysing multimedia audit trails, Research seminar series New Technologies in Teaching and Learning (NeTTL), University of Sydney.


Salter, G. (1991). Computer Education – A Christmas Carol, Public fellowship lecture sponsored by the Society of Fellows, University of Durham, UK.


Keynote & Sponsored Presentations

Salter, G. (2017) Let’s Get Engaged! (Rule#4: We don’t pay attention to boring things), Keynote Presentation, EdTechPosium, UNSW-ADFA, Canberra.

Salter, G. (2014) Taking Part in the Mobile Learning Revolution, Keynote Presentation, Moodleposium, UNSW-ADFA, Canberra. Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Aj-hnLOjcE

Salter, G. (2013) Information Marketing Goes Mobile: Reaching Global Audiences to Generate Leads and Sales Using Mobile Content, Keynote Presentation, World Brand Congress, Mumbai.

Salter, G. (2013) Mobile Learning and Global Marketplaces. MobiLearnAsia, Singapore.

Salter, G. (2013) Designing Educational Apps. MobiLearnAsia, Singapore.

Salter, G. (2011) Designing User Interfaces for iPhone and iPad Apps. Apple Dev World Conference, Melbourne.

Salter, G. (2010) iPhone Application Development for the Terrified, Apple Create World Conference, Brisbane.

Salter, G. (2010) Developing Native and Web Applications for Educational Content Delivery in Higher Education. Apple X-World Conference, Sydney.


Speakers in Schools Program

Salter, G. (2017) Digital Futures. Cebu International School, Philippines.

Salter, G. (2016) The Importance of Data, Years 8, St Johns Park High School (invited back to judge winners of STEM PBL project).

Salter, G. (2016) Creating Engaging Presentations, Years 7 & 8 De La Salle College, Revesby. (Asked to repeat the same presentation for senior students).

Salter, G. (2016) Beyond Social Media, Gifted and Talented Program. Elderslie High School. (Invited back to give the same presentation to all of the teachers).

St Johns Park High School

Invited Presentation

Professional Development Workshops & Presentations

Salter, G. (2018) Creating Engagement in the Classroom. KOI Academic Staff Workshop.

Salter, G. & Vincent, K. (2014-2017) Sessional Staff Induction, SCEM Staff Workshop.

Collins, D., Salter, G. & Wang, H. (2016, 2017) Presenting to Camera, SCEM Staff Workshop (in conjunction with the Central Blended Learning Team).

Salter, G. (2016) Creating Engaging Lectures, SCEM Staff Workshop.

Salter, G. (2016) The Future of Assessment, Blended Learning Forum (Asked to repeat the same presentation at the DAP forum).

Salter, G. (2015) Why Do I Need To Know This? Increasing Engagement by Demonstrating Relevance, Design for Learning Showcase

Salter, G. (2015) Tips for Creating Welcome Videos, Blended Learning Forum

Salter, G. (2015) Tips for Holding and Grabbing Attention in Online Courses, Blended Learning Forum.

Industry Presentations

Salter, G. (2015) Social Media Marketing, Regional Activation Program, Office of the Small Business Commissioner.

Salter, G. (2015) Getting Your Business Online, Regional Activation Program, Office of the Small Business Commissioner.

Salter, G. (2014). Social Media for Business – Range of Business Enterprise Centres across NSW.

Salter, G. (2014). Mentoring Workshop. YES! Mentoring, Liverpool City Council, Liverpool.

Industry Workshops include …

Social Media Marketing

The 5 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make (and how to avoid them)

Choosing the Right Social Media to Connect with New Clients

Hands-on Online Marketing Workshop for Small BusinessFacebook for Business

Speaking Skills

Tapping into the Mobile Market

Social Media Marketing For the Terrified

Becoming the Online Expert

Government Sponsored Presentations

Digital Marketing Expert Panel – Liverpool Council South West Small Biz Week

Regional Activation Program – Office of the Small Business Commisioner

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