Real Comments From Real People

I credit my academic credentials to the fact that I had Graeme as such a supportive and encouraging lecturer in my first tentative year of study. Had he not been the type of teacher who invested his time and faith in his students succeeding, I may very well have given up that first year.

I am extremely grateful that Graeme is the type of teacher he is. My qualifications have held me in good stead to earn promotion to senior roles within the University.

Susan Hudson - Executive Director, Human Resources
Susan Hudson - Executive Director, Human Resources Western Sydney University

I just took a phone call from Elderslie. They were so impressed with the talk you did for the students that they have asked if you would consider visiting them again on 18 July to talk to 70 teaching staff

Jennylee Green
Jennylee Green Schools Engagement - Western Sydney University

He is so in tune with the cutting edge things that are happening nowdays and he portrayed it in such an easy step-by-step way that I could follow

Judeth Wilson Director - Upfront Communications

You did a guest speaker spot for us when we hosted Moodleposium in 2014. What you gave was a very applied view, and it was incredibly popular with not only the organising group but also the attendees..

Dr David Meacheam
Dr David Meacheam Director Academic Support Services - UNSW (ADFA)